Products for Life and Business Advancement!

PurposeFULL Living Life Coaching Group

This 8-session PurposeFULL Living Life Coaching Group is for participants who are uncertain, have not yet identified, or desire to learn more about their life purpose. Through examining your childhood and life events; passions, interests, and gifts; and moving beyond your limiting beliefs, your purpose will be clarified. As an accountability cohort, all participants will be expected to complete outside assignments, and peers will hold each other accountable. The foundational principles of the group are biblically based. There will be 7 virtual sessions, as well as a final in-person session. Space is limited. 

Foundation of Ministry and Non-Profit Formatio

This 2 1/2- hour workshop is for leaders who have been called to establish churches, ministries, para-ministries, or charitable non-profit organizations. Many times leaders are called to a work of establishment but seek the information to move forward with knowledge, integrity, and a blueprint for building and leading others. During this virtual workshop, participants will learn about and become engaged in the process of legally forming the entity, selecting and developing a board of directors, completing necessary documents for fundraising (if applicable), tax reporting requirements, proper documentation and recording of meeting minutes; and bylaw basics. Please note that this workshop content utilizes Bible-based principles as its foundation. 

Starting Now Self-Start Workbook

While this 27-page workbook accompanies the Starting Now course, it may be used alone for those who are self-starters but need to know the steps to the business start-up process. 

Starting Now: Moving from Thinking to Doing (audiocourse)

This 40-minute audio course, with accompanying downloadable workbook, is designed to walk you through the steps of starting your business. Providing the same information as our two-session virtual Starting Now course, this audiocourse allows you to work through the business start-up process as your schedule permits. If you will actively engage in the process while completing the course, you will become a legitimate business by the course end! The course encourages you to stop procrastinating and Start NOW! The world awaits what you have to offer! NOTE: Upon receipt of payment for this course, the downloadable workbook will be emailed to you at your email address provided. You should not purchase the workbook listed on the website, as the price is included in the cost of this audiocourse. Thank you!

Starting Now Self-Start Workbook 

This 27-page downloadable workbook will lead you through the steps of legally establishing your business (business name, search, registration, EIN) and will assist you in developing your vision/mission statements and business concept. Don't wait any longer; start Now! **For those who purchase the Starting Now audiocourse, this workbook is provided in the price of the course.**